Random Access Memory (RAM) - The Development, Type, and Function

Random access memory (RAM) is a type of computer storage whose contents can be accessed in a fixed time no matter where the location of the data. This is different from the serial memory types, such as magnetic tape, disc and drum, in which the mechanical movement of the storage media to force the computer to access data sequentially.

RAM is known for the first time in the 60's. But at that moment has not been as popular as the semiconductor memory now, this is because the price is very expensive. It was more common to use magnetic main memory.
Type of RAM (Random Acces Memory)
Type of RAM
( Random Acces Memory )
Fast Page Mode DRAM (FPM DRAM)
Fast Page Mode DRAM
In 1987, RAM type FPM (Fast Page Mode) was introduced. This type of memory is the most common form of RAM used in the computer system at the time. FPM also known as DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory). FPM SIMM memory module (Single Inline Memory Module) 30 pin and 72 pin. Then, in 1995, technological developments have produced a new type of memory module is EDO (Extended Data Out). EDO similar to the FPM, EDO only slightly modified to allow sequential memory access. EDO also allows the CPU to access memory 10% -15% greater than in FPM. In 1997, RAM to the type of SDRAM was introduced, and its speed is only up to 66 MHz. Two years later (in 1999), RAM type of RDRAM was introduced with a speed of 800 MHz

Then in 2000, DDR-SDRAM was introduced. This type of RAM is the development of SDRAM, of which this type of RAM has a higher speed than previous types. And in 2004, RAM type DDR2 SDRAM introduced. This type of RAM is the second generation of DDR-SDRAM, although the number of pins in different modules with DDR-SDRAM.

This type of memory (RAM) can be written and read, unlike read-only memory (ROM). RAM is usually used for primary storage (main memory) in a computer to use and modify the information actively, but there are some tools that use some kind of RAM to a secondary storage medium-long term.

Because the actual nature also Random Access as well as SRAM or DRAM, some people argue that the ROM is another type of RAM. It's just that the process of writing the ROM requires a special process is not as easy and flexible as in SRAM or DRAM.In addition, some parts of the address space of RAM (main memory) of a system is mapped onto one or two chip ROM. 

The main function of RAM is for storing temporary instruction-instruction that is used by applications that are running.Instructions, these instructions will stop by itself when something that application is closed.

So, RAM memory is temporary and will stop working if the computer is turned off. Capacitation larger RAM to make the application process run more smoothly.